February 22nd, 2006


new PC built - well nearly

Well yesterday evening I arrived home to find a new case outside my door, no parts, today the rest of the pieces arrived.

So I now have a ASUS 945G motherboard, with a Pentium D 930, 2x250GB SATA drives, HP 16DVD writer, thermaltake case + 430W PSU

What I don't have is functional RAM, the OCZ High Performance RAM 2 x 1GB sticks DDR2 667 Mhz, arrived but one of the sticks is foobar, single stick on its own is fine in the machine boots no problems, inserting the second stick instead of the first stops it booting, inserting it along with the first makes it either not boot or come up with a corrupt BIOS screen.

Bah, have to RMA the RAM sticks, could take another age to get them replace.. have to find some temporary ones somewhere I suppose...