January 23rd, 2006


LCA 2006 Days -3, -2, -1

Well flew into Dunedin on Friday, met a few people on the flight, caught up with Grant Parnell from SLUG and he rented a car. Got into hostel (on a big hill) and wandered around Dunedin before going for dinner and a few beers. Lots of people sitting outside and drinking but it really isn't that warm here, also while drinking beer at one pub someone threw six eggs down onto the street hitting the table near us.

We spent Saturday driving around Dunedin surrounds, up to long beach and climbed the steepest street in the world called Baldwin St. Then headed out to the Otago Penisula and went to see the Penguins (it being LCA), I got some photos but my phone camera glitched them all, I reset it later and it seems fine now...
The penguins were quite cool, they in theory are afraid of humans, but they seems to be getting used to the humans walking past, especially the younger ones.

Sunday was the long day, got up at 6am, myself and Grant drove to Queenstown, took about 3.5hrs, I had booked into doing the Shotover Jet Boat and Rafting, the jet boat wasn't exactly as nerve rackingly crazy, my biggest fear was someone getting sick :-), then we hit the rafting, however due to a lack of recent rain in the area, it wasn't as exciting as one would've hoped, however it was still quite enjoyable we got stuck in one rapid in a surf situation, where we were getting washing machined but not going anywhere interesting, the guide eventually got us towed out... definitely something to come back and do again at some point...