January 5th, 2006


last day as a twenty something

Today is my last day as a twenty-something, its been a fun 10 years,

My favourite bits were:
1. Sitting on Gilmans Point on Kilimanjaro at 5681m looking out at the world at 7:30am feeling as wrecked as I ever have.
2. 4th year in college was in there, it was a good year with few memories of it at this stage, I've a memory of tequila and 13 pints of Kilkenny on my 21st.
3. Spending 6 months bumming around SE Asia - the best time ever... including all the crappy bits with dogs biting and rabies shots and credit card stealings (but firing hand and machine guns was pretty cool...)
4. Living in Australia by accident, came for 3 mths, still here 3 yrs later, still haven't finished my goddam gaming machine...
5. The 2003 Rugby World Cup in Australia - my liver really earned the George Best award for that one ... (the don't pass an open bar rule was brought into force)
6. Hanging out with friends too many to count in corners of the world too many to count, I got my passport when I was 20, to go to a programming competition in the Netherlands (having only left Ireland a couple of times before that), I renewed it recently and my old one only had two blank pages... considering Europe don't stamp them no more I'm quite happy with that..

And from a geeky point of view, getting invited to the kernel summit last year was very kickass, I'd fallen into maintaining the drm it was good to see people noticed it :-)

And I've also parachuted, bungy jumped, skiied, snowboarded, scuba dived, windsurfed, attempted kite surfing, ran a half marathon (full one is a post 30 event :-), ran 3 Sydney City to Surfs, drank every substance put in front of me, woken up in an elevator, woken up in hospital (I remember going there though), so I'll hopefully calm down some now!!