December 29th, 2005


some work on Xegl

I've been working on Xegl on my r200 and I've gotten Xegl on r200 to what looks like to me the same place as Xglx on the same 3D driver, my next step is to get EGL working on my r300, starting with eglgears, this shouldn't be a huge amount of work but I'd guess it'll take longer than expected for some silly reasons.

I've checked a version of Xgl from August that was in the wild into CVS, and I'm using a glxcompmgr that also escaped at the same time. These are the last code drops that got out before the whole Xgl private development started.

The only major thing of note is Xgl no longer needs to be have xglxserver enabled on configuration, it should work with just --enable-xglserver and make install is necessary.

I'm not really in a position to help others bring this up, I don't have much use for testers to tell me things are broken unless they can fix them themselves in which case you they'll be able to bring the whole lot up themselves from CVS and instructions that are lying around (it's what I've had to do)... I'm on IRC if someone has a clue and wants to help out.