December 12th, 2005


12 pubs of Christmas

Well yesterday was the annual pub crawl that I've been doing for 7 years (3 years in Limerick, 4 in Sydney), known as the "12 pubs of Christmas" it is a simple pub crawl with few rules, you pick 12 pubs within walking distance of each other and you have a drink in each one.

This year I was tasked with organising the event, and originally planned to have it in Woolloomooloo in Sydney, but after looking at the list of pubs I decided I'd been to all of them and the whole point of 12 pubs is to go somewhere new, so I moved it to Glebe, a suburb across the city from me. It was a great success despite two pubs on the list having cover charges and thus hastily being removed and backup pubs located and added.

I've some photos on my phone, but they are a bit blurry I think my lens is smuged....or I had some bad ass shakes...

I wouldn't expect any useful open-source contributions for a while, it'll be a few days before I feel good again :-)