November 4th, 2005


slowly slowly xvmcly xvmcly, now with 5% more code

Lay on couch while watching some TV and did a bit of hacking on the lowlevel client radeon XvMC library...

I wrote 3 functions :-), all re-writes of the reverse engineered code in open source code...

1. sets up the start of the indirect buffer, some mostly known radeon register writes..
2. finished the indirect buffer, a few type 3 packets for which we don't have any info.
3. reference header, lots of unknown registers with offset/pitch of the y/u/v buffers.

This is probably about 5% more code than previously (so I'm probably up to about 20% of the necessary code). I guess I can make something simple work at about 50%, but debugging will take a long time.

Again I've no idea when I shall return to XvMC, somedays like this evening the mood just takes me there, other days I abhor it. I might try finishing the lowlevel code first, and maybe publishing it as outside of ATI I think I am currently the only person who knows it, and then seeing if anyone out there really cares enough about it to finish the normal XvMC layers off.

ah cool, Terminator is on T.V.