October 23rd, 2005


memory manager interface...

Currently IMHO (along with a lot of others), there are two major components missing from the X.org output gameplan going into the future..

1. useful graphic memory management.
2. dynamic monitor/mode setting backend that is renderer/frontend independent linked with 1.

I think we've sorted out the fact that these are required and the high-level architecture is generally agreed upon amongst developers.
(I hope to present all this at LCA2006 as an update of what I presented to a smaller audience at DDC/KS earlier in the year.).

Unfortunately these aren't really spare time projects that I can help out in any meaningful sense with the amount of spare time I have (summer is coming and I'm going to try and keep my commitment to maintaining the Linux drm code), but I want to try and at least try and help out and stay with them.

To this end I started to propose a memory manager API for libdrm (section 2), so that the kernel/user space details can be worked out later internally to libdrm/kernel drm, and we won't have to modify the calling sites too much. I think people have thought a lot about the in-depth methodologies for doing as much as possible in userspace, but my belief is that really it shouldn't matter where the functionality lives if we can come up with a decent enough interface to cover all the required bases.

Hopefully if I can get the interested parties to discuss it and keep the wiki up to date we'll have something at the end that I can prototype using existing code while Ian works on the internal details of his log based system.