September 25th, 2005


lindented drm

Well I finally lindented the drm in my git tree, so it should be easier to keep sync with the DRM CVS tree which was lindented a good while back.

Also fixed restarting the X server on PCIE R300, it wasn't cleaning up the PCIE GART correctly.

And I added support for compressed textures to the r300 driver texture upload code, it doesn't work perfectly but its a decent start.
I think rectangular textures should work, but they don't.. I'm trying to track down the bit in the R300 registers I need to set, and the version of fglrx I'm running isn't allowing me to follow the glxtest RE instructions, probably something to do with PCIE.

I'm not really sure about some of the r300 Command buffer stuff and how necessary it is, I really wonder could it use the same code as the r200 in a lot of cases.