September 10th, 2005


dell 2005fpw

In a fit of spending last week I bought an Dell 2005 FPW (20inch widescreen)

It arrived this morning I'm now basking in its glory and wondering how the hell the Sony 17 inch trinitron ever really could have been useful!!

I'm probably going to have to go buy a new graphics card and a shed load of games just to "test it".

R300 PCI Express working

Okay I've finally got glxgears and glxinfo to work on my PCI Express X300 laptop!!!

I've been hacking on this since the 30th of May according to my blog... and I'm glad I could figure it out with the very limited documentation I had..

The main difference from the old PCI GART is that the PCIGART table needs to be stored in VRAM, or at least I couldn't get it to work with the GART in main memory.

This means that we have to have a DDX upgrade to get it to work which is unfortunate but can't be helped as we need to allocate some framebuffer memory to be the table (oh if we had a memory manager :-)

I'll start cleaning up the code tomorrow, reducing the mass of hacks to what is actually necessary as opposed to collateral hackery...
I'll try and post some patches for others to get moving on... at the moment the code brings up an X server, it doesn't clean up afterwards..

This also means I can start using my laptop for r300 hacking, and maybe Xegl might get an attempt...