September 4th, 2005


some XvMC work

Okay I started to tackle Radeon XvMC this weekend, the only open drivers with XvMC are i810 and via,

these are somewhat similiarly organised, but mostly not, so its hard to know what to base my radeon work on,

I've started doing the crummy infrastructure work at least but there is a lot of it before I even get to see a frame on screen,

After the basic driver infrastructure and libRADEONXvMC infrastrucure I might be able to actually start writing the "interesting" lowlevel card access code..

It'll take quite a while, I still have a number of projects that I'm cycling through (PCI Express R300 is still top...)

On the ATI_fragment_shader scene, Roland Scheidegger has taken up what I code dropped and done a fair bit of work on it and cleaned up the Mesa interfaces error handling, and he seems to have figured out
the r200 texture routing registers that evaded me when I worked on it. The Mesa software implementation also doesn't produce the same results as fglrx, and I fixed a couple of bugs
but it still fails on some tests.