August 7th, 2005


ffmpeg and sheer blind ignorance

I've gotten annoyed at the ffmpeg project today,

I've seen the following things stated in one way or another on their mailing list today:

a) developers are more important than users (even users who are actually developers of other projects that use ffmpeg)
b) people who work more on certain open source projects are of a higher value than people who works other projects.
c) ffmpeg is so different a library that using shared libraries or doing any sort of baseline releases couldn't possibly be worth spending a minute of developer time on

The recommended way to use ffmpeg (in case anyone isn't familiar with it) is to fork your own copy and statically link it with your application, now just imagine
every project out their took this attitude. *shudder*

I'm awaiting the very technical reasons why these things are all true....
and no I'm not going to help out in any useful way, because I've a lot better projects with grown-up developers to help out.