July 23rd, 2005


KS/DDC/OLS Summary...

Well I'm on my way home from Ottawa (I've missed the last day and the pissup - cheap tickets I got couldn't be changed...)

I quite enjoyed the whole event, I spent most of the first two days in the kernel summit, just dropping upstairs to DDC for talks which I knew the presenter.

The kernel topics were all pretty interesting, though I missed the group photo due to being in the pub :-)

My own presentation at DDC was pretty much me explaining the issues as I see them and trying to gather feedback on what the best way forward is, mainly concentrated around modsetting and where it needs to live.

Using the info from that talk, myself, Jon Smirl, Keith Packard, Adam Jackson and Ian Romanick did a presentation at KS, Jon explained the issues with having multiple VT console and how they interact, Linus pointed out an obvious flaw with one idea we had, but it was more due to a misunderstanding of current design than anything that would stop what we want to do. I took some slides from my DDC presentation and mentioned what the current thinking of myself and a couple of other kernel people was on how we should do modesetting...

I'm going to try to throw together some notes on this at some stage....

The other major focuses at KS for me were power management, suspend/resume and getting the driver model to fit what we need for the graphics subsystem.

Myself, Patrick Mochel (power management), and Greg-KH (device tree) sat down and drew some pictures of what was needed so hopefully we can sort out the model so I can build the lowlevel/DRM/fb driver structure I want.

I've managed to get suspend/resume working on my laptop by posting the Video BIOS at a later point in the system startup but this may not help everyone else, we are going to get a framework to allow a number of different methods for restoring VGA cards on resume as no-one idea will work everywhere.

On the other side I'd like to thank Kevin Martin from RH for giving me a bed in the hotel for a couple of nights (the hostel was nice but free was nicer) and Christoph Hellwig for providing the beer this morning at 2am which led to the current state of crap I'm feeling now sitting in Vancouver airport.