May 16th, 2005


reverse engineering nearly complete

Well I've now got a C library that I can plug in in-place of the ATI vha library and I can get video on the screen, the same
as if I use their library, its in no way complete but it covers everything the demo application I have does (hacked smpeg from ATI DDK)....

But I think I might now be able to write up the packet formats and stuff, then I can maybe make a stab at getting XvMC working but that to be honest may be a fair bit of work... I think adding the packets to the non-DDK drm is probably my first task.. but at least all the information is available now even if I've no idea what half the hard-coded numbers mean...

started my divemaster course...

Hmm started my PADI DiveMaster course today with a theory class.. looks like all the spare time I have left over after all the spare time I spend working on kernel/X things is a negative number, so we'll see how things go, maybe not drinking heavily on weekends might lead to more time for hacking :-)

So if people wonder why I slow up over the next 3-6 mths .. blame it on that!!