May 15th, 2005


Jet lag and getting going on git

Arrived back on Thursday, nicely jetlagged still, either sleeping 12 hours straight or getting 3 hours sleep...

Started getting up to speed on git, got an a/c on sorted out to start releasing some drm trees, 32-64 ioctl, savage and via being the main things to get working for 2.6.13 I expect... his means getting initmap stuff into the kernel DRM.

Also started looking at combining DRM/FB yet again after some prompting by Jon Smirl, vga_class was a good idea initially but to be honest it would be fairly messy to convert every fb driver, I'm now thinking of some sort of common lowlevel module that gets loaded by a chip specific lowlevel module, this chip lowlevel would deal with, IRQ handling, VRAM management, PCI device handling (suspend/resume), sysfs, i2c.

A high layer module for fb would handle monitors (maybe in lowlevel) and acceleration for console.
A high layer module for drm would handle DMA and acceleration things.