April 17th, 2005


Radeon MPEG hardware support

Okay I spent some time getting the R200 DDK, drm/2D driver and VHA built and running on my 2.6.11 + Xorg CVS machine, the DRM needed to be brought up to speed for linux-core and for pid->filp conversions.. once I done that Xorg would start using ATIs 2D reference driver, but nothing would appear on my screen, so I swapped out my M9 reference board for an 8500LE I had in another machine and it all started working, looks like the ref driver doesn't do RV250 just real R200s .. I got ATIs binary VHA to display one of the supplied MPGs, I can't get to show my one yet but I'll worry about that later.. next step is to re-implement VHA on my own, it's a trivially small library, 50% of it is the DRM so I can ignore that, the rest is mainly filling up indirect buffers with register settings, I'm about 90% of the way there on that I think, once I've got VHA re-implemented and there are no closed-source bits I can try to write up the register interfaces and therefore allow work on an XvMC for Radeon to get going.

Also made the fatal mistake of buying GTA:Vice City for the PC, I used to have it on a PS2 before (no PS2 any more..).. it was only AU$25, so I might be wasting a bit of time playing that..