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airlied [userpic]
Kernel Conf Australia - ! all OSOL honest.

So there is a kernel conference on in Brisbane next month, being run by Sun.

Now when this was announced initially it was proposed as an all kernel hackery type get together for folks in the region, not matter which kernel they cared about.

(I did propose to talk about kernel graphics at this and got refused - so maybe I'm just being bitchy, however this is my blog).

20 speakers break down as follow:
12 Sun
1 Intel - Sun manager
1 RH
1 OpenBSD
1 FreeBSD
4 misc.

2 of the misc talks are in some way OSOL related,

the OpenBSD talk is about networking and pf, the RH talk is about security, FreeBSD about storage.

Now really if you aren't into OSOL or ZFS (3 slots OSOL FS related), why would you go. This conference is
local to me and I still couldn't justify paying the signup fee/taking the time to my manager at all. Now if
one of the main kernel and X.org hackers who lives in Brisbane can't be bothered to go, I do wonder
why anyone who isn't into OSOL kernels might be tempted.

There was talk of a .au unconference at one point, which maybe when the whole swine flu escapade is over might
actually be a useful meetup for the aussie open source community.


Well it does look like a local guy, who happens to work for Sun, just decided to show some initiative and organize a conference. In which case it's pretty unsurprising that it ended up Sun-focused; that's probably just who he was easily able to get interested.


Maybe you should have a chat with him, help influence the direction of the next one. It would be great to see more top kernel people taking an informed interest in what other open source kernels have to offer.

Re: Initiative

James is indeed a froopy dude; I'm sure he'd welcome some constructive input.

Re: Initiative

Since this was local, I volunteered to talk, I'm not exactly an unknown kernel hacker here, they had no slots left, however I see another Sun talk just magiced up a slot for dtrace :P

I can believe what he intended was something less Sun focused, I'm just wondering how it ended up so Sun focused, I'm sure I could have gotten a few Linus fs people from .au to come.

Re: Initiative

Perhaps who pays the piper etc. I'll bug James next I see him online :)