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December 2016
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airlied [userpic]
off on holidays

So Gia, Isabel and I are off to Ireland for 3 weeks from the 7th -> 31st of May.

Radeon KMS is all I've been doing lately and my feeling is the F11 driver is in a fairly good state, a lot better than F10. 3D seems to be working okay, however we have some speed regressions that I will be attempting to track down in earnest on my return. AGP cards got hit a bit lately as a fix for a real bug slowed an optimisation I previously made down.

For mesa I'd really like to merge radeon-rewrite to master already, but I expect I should wait until I get back as I need to be more reactive to fixing regressions in it.


Why keep F10 and F11 on different drivers? F10 is on 6.10, F11 is on 6.12... Or does the 6.12 driver require F11's X server, too?


Some time with the family, I presume? Well, have fun then ;)


Any news?