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cool radeon enhancements...

As Alex mentioned the radeon community developers have been tearing *pardon the pun* along making radeon do cool things on top of the cool things it already does!!

Alex came up with an idea a while back to try and get tear free EXA and Xv rendering. Tear free Xv means we hopefully can get textured video on (r100->r500) without ugly tears in the middle. Pierre Ossman took on the proof-of-concept Alex hacked together and spent some time making it all work properly. While he was there he picked up the r3xx/r4xx bicubic shader two of the other developers (Maciej and Corbin) had started but never had time to finish debugging, and pushed it forward so it works on those chips.

Its always good to know there are developers out there scratching itches and that with a small bit of input from Alex or myself can push the project to do what they want. There have been many accusations levelled at the radeon codebase over the years but the number of really useful community contributions has risen a lot lately, so it can't all be bad!!

So if you want tearfree Xv video on your r300/r400/r500, radeon is now the only driver that can provide it.

No we don't have any r600 support for Xv yet, stay tuned hopefully :)



This is very cool.
Just one thing I was wondering. Comparing to the intel driver, there are veeery few releases of the ati driver. Wouldn't it make sense to do quicker releases to push out changes to the user so they get wider testing?
To me, it seems that there were tons of changes since 6.9, yet nothing has been released so far...


Re: Releases

yeah we need to do more regular releases, we just get busy with other stuff a lot, and do large bursts of fixes on radeon.


Who cares about R600 ? I want to buy a new PC for christmas, with something like an HD4650 => R700. But if I can't even run compiz ...
Ok, I'm uselessly ranting, but I've been waiting for some many *years* for an open driver supporting current cards I'm now totally deperate.


You might be having a pleasant Christmas present. There is a working 3D driver (to an extent) for R600/R700 series internally at AMD, but releasing it requires the documentation to be released as well, and it's still under construction to have all the permissions at AMD.

R700 is very close to R600, like R500 was to R400 and R300. So when you see talk about R600, you can expect R700 is not far away either.

With the hypothetical R800 there probably won't be this kind of delay anymore.


The r600 only came out 18 months ago so you can't have been waiting many years ;)


It started when I bought an r128. Then I bought an rv350 (it was already old, and still I had to wait to have half-working 3D) and now that it starts to work (if you stay bleeding-edge and don't fear the bugs and lockups) it's underpowered for what I want to do with it.


How does one enable it exactly in xorg.conf? I tried

Option "EXAVSync" "On"

In the device section. Xorg.log tells me the option is not used. Now I'm not sure if the snapshot I use it too old (4th of Dec) or I'm using the option wrongly.


It was just committed this morning, so you'll probably need to update your snapshot.


When I move a window without a compositing manager, it seems to cause X to lockup, though I can still jerkily move the mouse.

Very cool!

I just wish radeon and radeonhd merged to avoid duplicate implementations.

All in all, great progress by both drivers! Never has been Linux so alive ever since the graphics side of it started coming together recently!

where is this ?

i dont really understand where all those changes you always speak about are commited. Could you clarify ?

Shouldn't that be .... there ? :

I see nothing related to exa/xv or bicubic shader in recent log. Nor do the names you mention appear on the list.

What did i miss ?

Re: where is this ?

(In case you didn't know, ati/radeon and radeonhd are two different projects)

r100 and r200?

... and for the slow one...
Does this work on r100 and r200 ?
Without any performance loss ?


This most recent version messes up Xv for me, no matter whether the EXAVSync option is enabled or disabled, where "messing up" means that the video is in the wrong place, askew, not updated, or not everywhere, just weird. It works perfectly though if I go fullscreen.

That's on a Radeon Mobile X1400, with EXA enabled and running Compiz. All that worked quite fine until the December 4th version. What can I provide as a debug help and where -- blog comment doesn't seem appropriate.


Just saw that this issue had been discussed and patched already. b.f.o #18542. I'll try again as soon as I get my hands on a package which includes the fix. will it go GIT soon?

Unfortunately, I still see tearing

Ok, I just checked out git:// and compiled it for my Debian/unstable X. I replaced /usr/lib/xorg/modules/drivers/ with the newly compiled one.
After restarting X, while Xorg.0.log does not say anything about 'git', xvinfo shows "XV_BICUBIC" as attribute for the textured video adapter, which is new, so it really should be the git version now.

I tried a few vids, with both the overlay port and the textured video port.
Unfortunately, with the overlay port interpolation is apparently broken (looks like nearest neighbour now) and I see tearing on the overlay port.
I also still see tearing on the textured video port (although not quite as bad as before when it was heavy diagonal tearing).

Even with the old driver, I've noticed very occasional tearing with the overlay video port (must have started sometime this year?).

All testing was done with "mplayer -double -nodr $FILE" and 1280x720 resolution videos.

Re: Unfortunately, I still see tearing

Oh, and I should probably add this is on an r300 (02:00.0 VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc RV370 5B60 [Radeon X300 (PCIE)) with dual screens.

Re: Unfortunately, I still see tearing

I have to correct myself, "Unfortunately, with the overlay port interpolation is apparently broken" is not true.
After restarting the X-Server I had a different (custom) modeline - 1680x1050@72Hz, since I forgot to remove it from my X config.
For some reason (too high pixel clock?) for this modeline the hardware overlay is not interpolated.

Re: Unfortunately, I still see tearing

Thank you good share.

How ...?

Hi, folks!

May I ask you, how can I download and compile the GIT version on openSuSE 11.1 machine... and does someone knows which packages should be installed?

I found some information but it is related only to Debian/Ubuntu systems...