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airlied [userpic]
compiz on rs480/rs690 working!!

So if you have a DRI enabled ATI rs4xx/rs6xx integrated chipset and have been cursing my name because compiz doesn't work without foobar'ed textures, you can stop the cursing and start the praisin...

I've found the bug in the r300 swtcl path that caused this, the 3D driver uses the fragment shader to do rectangular textures, and this involves feeding the texture dimensions into the fragment shaders in constants. However the code to update those constants for new textures wasn't always getting called at the correct time in the swtcl path.

So http://cgit.freedesktop.org/mesa/mesa/diff/?id=a7016949f27f7612ffba7a4d0c5e6280cb3e66ba

is the fix and is now in mesa master, I'll pull it into mesa 7.0.x branch and I'll probably release F8 and F9 mesa packages with fixes. This probably won't make F9 GA but the 0-day mesa update will contain the fix.

This bug has been annoying me since July 2007 so woot!!


oh man, this looks like one of those obscure bugs that take forever to find.


Ohhh, that's soo awesome :)


"I just know I'm going to stab myself when I find this compiz on rs690 bug".
It is unnecessary because then nobody will fix such bugs any more. :D

fedora 9 packages

where we can find F9 experimental packages?
especially r500-test mesa branch


I've also tested kwin 4 with compositing on rs480. Now it basically works but there some small glitches.

How to get this working?

I would also like to get this working with KDE 4. What needs to be done to get this working on Mandriva Linux 2008 Spring?

I don't suppose you fancy doing an "Encore!", please?

Here's another long-standing R300 bug:


Such an obvious effect really worries me in a simple OpenGL xscreensaver hack.

Congratulations, Dave!

Thank you!

Thank for your work!
Compiz now works with my radeon xpress 200m (rs480)!

Airlied = Numero one!!

Thanks. Where send money? ;)

I don't beleive it

it's too good to be true =)


thank you very much dave. this is one small step for ati drivers but it's a huge one for all rs480 users.
thank you again. you're really great.

Thank you!

I'm also a xpress 200m owner (RS485 [Radeon Xpress 1100 IGP]) who was until now using the fglrx drivers. Gonna change to radeon ASAP there are (k)ubuntu packages for it :)

thanks again and again for all you hard work.

Re: Thank you!




I have a laptop which has an integrated Radeon Xpress based on RS485 and I must say a big thank you for this! Now the compositing in KDE 4 works quite a bit better for me. There are still some bugs left though. What is the best way for us to help you iron out those bugs?

Re: KDE 4

I'm also interested in helping with this. It looks like all the new advanced eye-candy in KDE 4 exposes quite a few bugs in the drivers. They are pushing the envelope, it looks like.



FWIW I've never been cursing any free software author, but the bug made me a daily visitor of planet.freedesktop.org.


Re: Thanks

You should have subscribed to RSS feeds :).


way to go dave

Where to find RPM

Is there an RPM available? I've got F9 installed and running -- and would love to have my XPRESS 200M running compiz. And yes - I'm one of those grumpy people who have waited so long. :)


Thanks for all your work. Now clutter works as well as with fglrx. I've definitely removed fglrx.