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airlied [userpic]
AMD annoucement of open drivers...

So the news is out that AMD have committed to opening up specifications and providing some driver code to the open source community!!!

Alex Deucher and I have been working with AMD on this for about 3 months now and it's great to see it finally go public with their plans going forward. The initial code from Novell/SuSE will be appearing around XDS time, and AMD will also be attending.

Initially it will be a 2D modesetting driver, and hopefully a 3D driver will follow later. They are not stopping work on fglrx and will not be releasing any code from fglrx.

They will also be providing us with some access to engineering staff for information on older cards that we hadn't access to before, so we can properly support the current radeon driver (mainly BIOS parsing and workarounds..)

AMD, myself and Red Hat are also working through clearing me from my NDA issues so I can work on the r5xx cards.

So its all very positive and hopefully it we can all work together going forward to produce a top-notch open source driver...

If anyone has any questions on this feel free to post them here and I'll try and answer them if I can...

Re: R100 'pixel shaders'

R100's "shaders" aren't fragment programs in the modern sense. It has a very capable texture combiner, but it's done with fixed silicon, not with a general-purpose instruction set. We've had the R100 docs for a long time now, if there was any way to do fragment programs on it we'd know.

Re: R100 'pixel shaders'

Ah, thanks for unfuzzying my knowledge.

Was it the texture combiners that were accessible via the ATI extension? Will this new information make those usable to us now, or are they already supported with the free drivers?


Re: R100 'pixel shaders'

That's my understanding. I'd have to go look what extension that was to be sure, but I think the only relevant GL extension we don't support on R100 is GL_ATI_envmap_bumpmap.

Re: R100 'pixel shaders'

Is there any reason we can't?

Re: R100 'pixel shaders'

No, it's just typing. It's been on idr's todo list for a while now. We are, as always, limited more by time than by things to do.