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Re: Pre-release driver support?

Speaking only for Fedora here, but.

We don't ship pre-release code. If it's not available in a public source repository somewhere, it's not something we can ship. If AMD wants to start delivering code drops ahead of product launch, they are more than welcome to do so. Whether, and how often, they do so is likely to be related to how big the changes are for the future hardware they're shipping. If it's a major generational change like R500, that's one thing, but if it's just adding PCI IDs and feature flags for products in the same line, that's another.

Fedora will make every effort to support all the hardware it can out of the box in each release, with the understanding that that requires open code first. We will work with AMD and other vendors to ensure that our schedules match as well as they can, but sometimes they won't. That's just the reality, and that's what 'yum update' is for.

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