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This is great news! Especially since its the first (and so far only) real fact that corroborates their claims.

I do wonder about the 3d though... If they release to linux full specs so that we can write our own GPL'ed driver, and maintain that relationship, then its reasonable to expect that fglrx will, even if well maintained, eventually become an inferior driver, no? I just don't see the point in maintaining it in the long run, unless they intend to keep certain chip features private or something. Do you think we'll get full 3D acceleration out of these chips when all is said and done? Or are we going to end up with an open but partially crippled due to undisclosed chip features 3D driver?

80% performance with few bugs and no guesswork would be far better than what we get now, but it would suck if they intentionally hold back the 20%.

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