airlied (airlied) wrote,

AMD/ATI drivers media grab

So a marketing dude said something about open drivers for AMD/ATI gpus and working with the community.

Can people get excited when AMD/ATI actually do something rather than showboat for media headlines?

Like ATI won't let me release my r500 source because I shouldn't have used a utility they gave me under NDA on those cards, now the thing is I done the correct thing and contacted them asking if I could release the code, so far this has just been stonewalled by their Linux driver management and their "legal" department, this isn't the action of a company trying to interact with the community or one that gives a rats arse about community..

Something most people may not know is that ATI do have engineering resources to support the open source driver, we get patches to it via Novell or RH every so often, these patches are invariably of dubious quality and are to fix Dell or IBM servers, however in fixing Dell or IBM they invariably break at least one other working platform if not more, again this is not interacting with the community this is pushing code via vendors who don't really understand the intricacies of the driver...

Maybe if ATI/AMD fix the above two things I might believe they are interested in working with the community... or even if someone from either side of the conglomerate was to contact me and ask how they could work with the open source driver going forward...
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