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airlied [userpic]
steps towards TTM for radeon

It would be nice to get TTM support for radeon at some stage, so I did a quick hack of fencing/buffer management[1] code from i915 driver into the radeon drm, if I run this on an Intel AGP system with a radeon in it, I can run ttmtest and it doesn't crsah and seems to run..

I probably need to validate that code a lot more but I'm limited in time as usual... the next thing would be do a TTM backend for the PCIEGART on my r300 and with those two a userspace Mesa driver could start to take advantage of this for certain things... there would still need to be a lot of backwards compat as we don't have TTM support for any AGP but intel at the moment..

I've no idea if the fence code in this is in any way correct either...

[1] http://gitweb.freedesktop.org/?p=users/airlied/drm.git;a=shortlog;h=radeon-ttm

What's TTM?

Wikipedia doesn't know

Re: What's TTM?

The new DRI memory manager.. TTM is Translation Table Maps...

Re: What's TTM?

are there some more specific docs about it?

Re: What's TTM?

Mh... Exactly... What does it mean exactly?

Just code improvements or also better performances/compatibility?



Re: What's TTM?

Slides for a quick idea of what is this for:

My limited understanding is that if you ever had black windows in beryl when more than a couple of windows were open, this might help.


I'm just curious: what's the obstacle to getting TTM support on AGP bridges other than Intel's? Is it just a chicken-and-egg problem, that will be solved once TTM works on a video chip that comes on discrete cards?

actually we seem to have it on most bridges with the generic implementation.. I didn't realise that it actually works...


Do you know anything about the pseudo-AGP buses used by some motherboard makers in order to stick an AGP slot onto a motherboard based on a PCIe or onboard-video-only chipset? Elitegroup calls theirs "AGP Express", while Asrock has "AGI", Biostar has "XGP", Epox has "AGX", and Microstar has "AGR". Do these hardware hacks work with Xorg? (In Windows they don't seem to need any special drivers, though their compatibility with AGP cards other than NVidias is apparently very hit-and-miss)

Don't worry, I'm not contemplating buying one of these motherboards ;) I'm just curious about how they actually work from a software/driver point of view. Does a card on one of these proprietary buses just look like a PCI video card to the OS?


And what about this ?? :D
Radeon (http://www.graphiccards.everythinuneed.info)






graphic cards (http://www.graphiccards.everythinuneed.info)

Just curious...how stable is the driver right now?
And does it support r200?

I happen to have an intel agp bridge.

Also, what is the degree of compatibility with the master drm branch?

I might try hacking the driver a bit.